MaxBloom vs. Kingbo-LED Grow Lights

Light & Container Review + Predatory Bugs

The MaxBloom Grow Light | Kingbo LED Grow Light | 10 Gal Planting "totes" (I only review products I purchase and use, and have no affiliation with these companies, nor am I compensated in any way)  So, I don't know ...
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Good Potiquette is Our Joint Responsibility

Potiquette™ (pätɨkɛt) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior, in relation to consumption of marijuana, according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. As marijuana use is becoming more mainstream, it’s time to lay down a few laws so we can all continue to enjoy this beautifully functional and enjoyable plant together, responsibly and in harmony.

We’ll discuss everything from being “that guy” the mooch, to sword-brandishing dealers, bad product at dispensaries, growers who poison their crops, and other breaches of etiquette we encounter in cannabis culture. Uh oh, not sure if you’re “that guy,” or having trouble confronting the mooch in your life? Write in and get an answer from a Pookie Pots Cannabis Consultant. Don’t worry, we’re professionals.

Dispatches from Pookie Pots HQ 

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