Hi there, I’m Pookie Pots, and I’m a cannabis enthusiast: from medical to recreational use, baking and homemaking, I have been using cannabis for over twenty years. In the articles you’ll find on this site, I speak from a place of my own experiences with the plant. I understand that cannabis use is not right for every person, in the same way that alcohol, psychoactives, sugar, caffeine, and even the light of the sun may not agree with certain individuals. If cannabis is not something you can or choose to incorporate into your lifestyle, and you are offended by the posts and images contained on this site, please feel free to navigate away from this webpage to read something more enjoyable.

The Pookie Pots Pledge: I will do my best to only include information that is well-vetted and accurate on this site. If you find information that has been refuted and peer review by real scientists from reputable organizations, please get in touch and let me know.