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MaxBloom vs. Kingbo-LED Grow Lights

Light & Container Review + Predatory Bugs

The MaxBloom Grow Light | Kingbo LED Grow Light | 10 Gal Planting "totes" (I only review products I purchase ...
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A Lighter Shade of Brownie

Back in 2016, something popped up on facebook about the death of Rapper DTTX (Bobby Ramirez), who was best known ...
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Gluten-Free Flour & Substitutions

I've had some questions in the past about how I make my baked goods gluten-free and (sometimes) vegan. This is ...
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Harvest Day

We harvested Mama Groot a couple days ago, and she didn't disappoint us. After a three month grow from seed ...
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2018: A Smoky, Tokey New Year

What a time to be alive. As we Californians head into the new year, and our shiny new legalized cannabis ...
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Product Review: Stonerware Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter

OK, so it's a totally cute idea and I really wanted this to work, but overall, my cookies didn't look ...
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Legal Resources, Politics, & Non-Profits

Get Involved Americans for Safe Access is a great organization that makes it easy to get involved on a local ...
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Matcha-Lemon Sugar Cookies

Research and Development You know what it is! Another Bake Day, that's what. Today's experiment, GF green tea + lemon ...
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Growing, and Bowie, and Mites, Oh My!

I visited the Magical Grow Palace today to check on our sweet little buds. We have four weeks to go ...
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