2015 Year in Review

I’ve paused in my end-of-year wrap-up for a few moments of contemplation. 2016 awaits, shiny and new, though there is still a huge backlog of items needing my attention that surely won’t get finished today. I’ve decided all my energy should be directed toward this Pookie Pots adventure, and I’ve been working really hard the past few weeks so I can hit the ground running and make up for so many months lost to illness in 2015. I’ve managed to start building a real support network of other professionals and friends who inspire me, and cleared away toxic personalities and former business partner thieves. I’m READY. It almost feels my whole life has been leading up to this moment.

My January looks pretty daunting, so I took a gander at my lists of action items. Usually lists ease my mind, because big stuff looks smaller when it’s just a couple scratches of ink on a sheet of paper. In my head, “go to the doctor” is pregnant with dark promises. On paper, it just means I need to drive ‘cross-town to take care of a thing. It becomes impersonal.

Let’s see: Get the DBA, build two websites, get my trademarks and copyrights, business cards need to go to print, square my licensing, start working on product stock, get a PO Box, open a bank account, talk to the lawyer, oh yeah — this isn’t helping. Cue overwhelming tidal wave of despair.

This stuff makes me happy; while navigating legal needs might not be as fun as making a coloring book, it shouldn’t plunge me into a place of anxiety. Stop, breathe, let’s re-frame. How about: What is already done? How much of a head start do I have on 2016?

I’ve already started construction on the two websites (this being one). Multiple pages of my Pookie Pots coloring book are finished. I have the complete list of finished songs for the WE FEW EP Nate and I are recording this year. I have my product lists nailed down. The recipes I’ve been developing are perfected. The novel I wrote this year is ready for editing.

Damn, I’m…I’m kind of impressed with myself.

Maybe you’re way ahead of me. Maybe 2015 was an insanely productive and amazing year for you. If so, keep gettin’ it! Never stop being awesome! Imagine me giving you a post-game butt slap RIGHT NOW and yelling, “WELL PLAYED! WAY TO GO!”

Or – maybe you’re languishing in regret, feeling as though you haven’t done enough this year. It’s ok! Imagine I’m giving you a big hug right now! Pretend I don’t smell of cat food.

While humans created calendars and clocks and schedules and unreasonable expectations, and even though tomorrow is just another day nearly indiscernible from the next, there’s something a little magical, a little encouraging, and a little freeing about setting the timer back to 1.

Just remember: every moment is a chance to start again. Every breath you take is an opportunity to perpetuate kindness and love, to accomplish and take action. Every heart beat gives you strength to move closer to your dreams. Seize them.

May all your good wishes come true in 2016. May you be awash with light, love, and peace, and may you eat a multitude of cookies and gain no unwanted pounds. Be well, friends. Happy New Year. Together, we can do amazing things.

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