Harvest Day

We harvested Mama Groot a couple days ago, and she didn’t disappoint us. After a three month grow from seed to harvest, we got just under 11 oz. (uncured/wet), which is not at all shabby.

After our last grow, in which we were beset by mites and plagued throughout with soil deficiencies and other random issues, we were just done. We hung up our clippers and decided to take a break.

One week into flowering

I’m a hopeless seed hoarder. Be it setting aside a single cannabis seed found in a stash, to harvesting and saving seed from local flora, I have envelopes upon envelopes of seed. I recently gave all the heirloom garden veggies and wildflower seeds I’d been collecting to my mom, who lives on a little piece of lush green ranch in Southeast Texas and has the dirt and time to deal with them. I was afraid much of what I’d saved wouldn’t be viable anymore as some of the seeds passed the four year mark, so I thought it time to clear out the cannabis seed collection at the same time. We’re growing anything that will sprout – if you’ve ever gardened before, you will know, not only do not all seeds sprout (even when they’re fresh), but some seedlings just aren’t strong enough to grow to maturity. The start of most great gardens begins with too many seedlings, which are thinned by a practiced hand until only the strongest few remain to compete for resources.

Though I have easy access to clones here, there is something immensely satisfying in harvesting a plant one has grown from seed.

We sprouted about eight plants from seed. Various calamities befell the other seven until Mama Groot, one of two New York Sour Diesel seedlings, remained. She lived outdoors as a young plant. Sometimes I forgot about her for a couple days at a time. She was not coddled. Strings of days exceeding 110ºF left her wilted no matter how often I watered her, but she powered through. We finally brought her in, in the basic potting soil mix I use for my spider plants, and replanted her in a five-gallon bucket before putting her under the LED grow lights.

We checked on her periodically, left the lights on timers, fed her rarely, and let her do her thing. She was one of the healthiest, most robust plants I’ve personally seen, and we let her grow a little longer than was optimal for flowering, just because she was so attractive. I’m sentimental about my babies, and the flower is some of the finest I’ve smoked, so after harvest we decided to save the mama to use for clones. She’s currently in recovery under some vegetation spectrum lights and looking quite chipper for her nakedness.

We’re water curing the big buds, air drying the sugar leaf. After just two days, I sampled the sugarleaf and it’s incredible. It smells strongly of pine and has a sweet, mild flavor, and leaves one feeling very stoned, but happy, up, giggly, and talkative. A friend came around last night for a preview and said it smoked like it was full of love. And of course, he’s right. <3

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