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I’m about to start posting a backlog of recipes, and I wanted to address some things my real-life friends have asked of me. Not all of the recipes will have infusion quantities, and there’s a really good reason for that.

If you’re looking to get a little sideways and have some fun, or a cost-effective way to deal with pain that you can take into your own hands, you are totally capable of making effective edibles at home. If you’re looking for a way to ingest edibles in a really controlled and measured manner with consistent dosing, you may consider something that’s produced by a licensed manufacturer of infused foods (like Kiva chocolate, for instance).

So…how much should you use?

I don’t think it necessary – or advisable, even – to specify how much cannabis oil you should use in your cooking.

Not all my recipes explicitly list infused oils or alcohols. The reason for this is that, unless infused butter, oil, or alcohol will radically affect the texture (like normal vs. infused sugar cookies), I prefer to have a base recipe for which I can sub out some or all of the existing butter or oil, so I can decide how strong I want my dish to be.

All the dishes I’ve included, however, have a commonality of possessing a strong enough flavor to stand up to “weedy” flavors, or possess flavors that are complementary to the aromatic profiles of cannabis infusions.

Especially since your homemade budder will not be a precise infusion that you can track by weight, you need to be smart! Test its strength ahead of time, and substitute into the main recipe based on number of servings and appropriate intensity. If you’re taking brownies to a party, for instance, you may want them to be stronger than the breakfast quiche you’re serving with other infused breakfast dishes.

All my recipes are gluten-free. If I ever reference “white flour” or “flour blend,” I’m talkin’ bout: this gf flour recipe.

Any recipes calling for milk can be made with any type of milk you please, plant-based milk included. Sometimes I use juice (for sweet recipes) when I’m out of milk.

Unless egg whites are being used to create structure, you may use the flax and hot water method of substitution, or a powdered egg substitute.

Happy cooking, and if you’d like to ask about a gluten-free conversion or specific cannabis-infused recipe, get in touch!

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