Glass Ashtray Perk

This post was edited on 2018-9-10. Finalized Religious Figures with weed art is pictured below. 

ashtray size, in context of my hand which is a normal human hand size


As of Wednesday, 8/22

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Read below to see other images of the ashtrays, as well as samples of the art.

This is what the 4″ size looks like in my hand.

The finalized, uncolored ashtray art:

Click on images to open at full size in a new browser tab.

God's Gift ashtray art
God’s Gift: Jeezy with Weed

Buddha with Weed
Head in the Clouds: Buddha with Weed 

Flying Spaghetti Monster
Cosmic Outlook: Flying Spaghetti Monster with Weed

Lakshmi with Weed
Start the Day with a Bhang: Lakshmi with Weed

Oestre Ashtray Art
Cultivate Good Vibes: Oestre with Weed


ashtray example (small)


This is an ashtray I made as a test about five years ago. We’ve been using it since, and it’s held up really well.

This is how that ashtray compares to the large one from the perks.

It’s about 5.5″ across. The small one, pictured (and available as a perk) is about 4″ across. The full sized Bic lighter will also lay flat inside the small version.

This is what it looks like with a pickle lighter inside.




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