Bad Labeling: Bad Business, Bad Potiquette

One of the most important criteria by which I judge edibles is the accuracy of its labeling.

I hate to throw a whole brand under the bus, but when it comes to LOL Edibles, buyer beware. Their products are a great example of how slick packaging doesn’t necessarily mean good product.

What Makes a Bad Label

G bar, containing alleged 1000mg THC
This G Bar chocolate was labeled 1000mg THC.

Behold, the G-Bar. The outer label loudly proclaims the G-Bar contains 1000mg THC. I was immediately skeptical when Tytron presented it to me, because that seems like a dangerously high quantity of THC, even for a bar as substantial as the G-Bar.

  • The G-Bar is really thick, if memory serves; around 3/8″. Most infused chocolate is pretty hard and brittle, so without any score lines on this bar, we’re looking at some tough cutting work.
  • The inability to easily cut bar into consistently sized pieces – for a product containing 1000mg of THC – is problematic.

1000mg of THC

The Experience

Tytron and I meticulously cut this bar with a hot knife, measuring out 64 15mg pieces. We started with one piece, then two, then three, and the next day, we each finished off 1/4 of the entire bar. That should have contained 250mg THC in each dose.

To put that in perspective, 15mg is my go-to dose. Because I’m accustomed to eating edibles, I can eat up to 30mg in a sitting, but I’m going to be very stoned. There should be no way for me to comfortably eat 250mg of THC without being very uncomfortable, if not actively throwing up.

The chocolate was nice in flavor and texture, and there was a definite cannabis flavor present. However, there seemed to be absolutely no effect.

$40 for this bar was a downright rip-off.

Other LOL Edible Products

Long before we tried the G-Bar, our first experience with mislabeled edibles was LOL Edibles Blueberry Belts, and another one of their gummy products. As with the G-Bar, the packaging was decent, seemingly well-labeled, and the product was very tasty and had a cannabis undertone. As with the G-Bar, the product was also completely ineffective.


I don’t know if LOL Edibles just blatantly mislabels product because they can, or if they’re exploiting some labeling loophole that allows them to mislead buyers. Their products do not work, and you shouldn’t spend your money on them.





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