2018 Year in Review

Contemplation and Meditation

As we close out the year, my emotions are mixed. It was a big year for me, personally, in many ways. An illustrated kids yoga mat I made during my former job as creative director finally came to fruition precisely at the time I departed that job, which I loved passionately for five years. At roughly the same time, I launched my Kickstarter, which was a massive anxiety bomb atop my post-job anxiety. But it happened. It was successful. I ordered my coloring book, and twelve weeks later, it arrived at my doorstep: seventeen boxes of dreams, realized.

It was also a year of lows. The catastrophic California wildfires displaced friends and many strangers. Several friends and family members underwent serious health scares. I experienced untold drama with dentistry, and found myself, after a year of financial hardship and health issues, in debt to the IRS (ironically, for not having insurance, which I couldn’t pay for because I was paying for actual healthcare that my insurance wouldn’t give me). Everyone I know struggled in some way this year – and while it may not be extraordinary to experience the hardship and obstacles inevitable in life, it somehow felt rougher this year, more dire, more deeply sorrowful, more demoralizing.

The political situation in the US was an emotional strain for many. YET – it was a great year for cannabis. Hemp was legalized at the Federal level, a move that’s decades late, but welcome, nonetheless. Maybe one of the few decisions of this administration I can stand behind, and I am grateful for that small silver lining.

In terms of psychoactive cannabis strains and non-psychoactive CBD oil, only three states – Idaho, South Dakota, and Georgia, still consider all forms of cannabis-for-medicine illegal. (Get your isht together y’all! You don’t know what you’re missing!) The rest of the states have at least legalized CBD oil, and many have legalized for full medical use, with full legalization on the horizon for all states, in my opinion. Internationally, large strides were also made for partial legalization, even in countries with strict drug laws, like Thailand and South Korea. There is no stopping the juggernaut.

Scroll down on this helpful page to see exactly where your US home state lands on the path to legalization: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_cannabis_by_U.S._jurisdiction

How will you sparkle in 2019?

Moving Forward

I’ve learned a lot this year. I have come to know myself and my body more profoundly. I quit drinking. I learned that daydreams are just dreams until you hunker down and do the work. I have learned how delicious a sense of completion on my own behalf can be. I have learned how to say no. I have conquered some of my deepest insecurities. My path has become less obfuscated by warring needs and lack of focus.

Additionally, we had the opportunity (and the huge quantities of weed needed) to work on a lot of cannabis-related product and recipe development that we haven’t previously been able to do. This joyful exploration of cannabis in its many forms, from raw leaves in smoothies, to bhang, to topicals, and tinctures, was something I’ve yearned to do for a long time. My understanding of cannabis has expanded tenfold this year.

There’s a lot of work to be done, for legalization, for social justice, for the environment….and in general, toward making life better for everyone. Especially in the cannabis industry, it’s incredibly vital to remember that people of color have suffered greatly under racist drug laws. Let’s not get so swept up in the excitement of the legalization movement that we forget these people exist; that they need our support, and that many of them are still fighting for freedom from incarceration. We have to keep standing up and keep speaking out, to lift up the people who’ve paved the way with their sacrifices so we can enjoy our legal weed.

2018 was a kick in the ass for a lot of us, but as beings of infinite light and love, we are capable of viewing the world anew in every moment of every day.

My 2019 resolution is thus: I will attempt to be present in every moment, to be overwhelmingly kind to people I meet along the way, and to be an absolute motherfucker to those who seek to oppress or harm.

May 2019 be a year of unexplored delights, good buds, good health, and whatever wealth and successes you seek.


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