Raindrops to Oceans

DPA Donation update

Oi! Check ‘er out. I got to make my first donation to Drug Policy Alliance (drugpolicy.org) last night from coloring book proceeds. It’s just a baby one, but seeing as I haven’t started marketing my book yet, it’s nice to be able to drop some in the bucket just from the small trickle of post-Kickstarter purchases. I’m rounding up more than $.50/book on the number I’m donating, which comes out to be around 15% total donation against the cost of the book. I decided today to take that extra 5% and redirect it toward a second non-profit I like. EDIT: I took down the link for now because apparently their site and Insta is down, so I obviously need to look into some stuff. If the previously mentioned non-profit is no longer a viable option, there are several others up for consideration, 

Anyway, I just wanted to share and thank all y’all who’ve made purchases. I’m not sure why I chose to donate on the 17th of the month, instead of waiting until the end, but I got pumped about the dollars sitting there and was itching to make my first donation. I’ll probably wait until March 1 to make my next one, and after that, hopefully there is something in the kitty to give monthly.

DPA Donation Receipt – 2019/1

Various Other Things

A couple “noob” questions have been asked of me by family and some new acquaintances recently, and it’s been requested that I write some articles for beginners. To that end, if you have questions about cannabis-related stuff — for any level of cannabis knowledge — and you’re not finding satisfying answers elsewhere, please contact me and let me know what you want. I’m always happy to supply what information I have on-demand.

Allumez vos joints et bon voyage, mes amis!

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