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This page is specifically for a couple people (including myself) who are working Layla Saad’s free “Me and White Supremacy” 28-day program this February. She often references resources that are readily available in the Googleverse, but for the purposes of collecting these and revisiting as needed, I’m compiling some resources here.

If you’re doing this at the same time as me, you will watch this page grow as I try to make the resources list more complete. Please comment, message me directly on social media, or email me through the contact form here to add items to this list. Please make sure any learning resources you want to suggest are created by BIPOC (Black / Indigenous / People of Color).

I was going to start a free blog for this, but I wanted to make sure all this was in one page, for ease of access. The reason I’ve chosen to put this material on this digital property is because I often passingly reference inequity and racism in drug-related incarcerations. If you stumble across this page and have not started this anti-white-supremacy work in earnest, it’s your lucky day! Right now happens to be the perfect time to begin.


Layla Saad’s “Me and White Supremacy”
This free workbook includes video resources. Don’t skip a word; all of it is important.


Videos & Documentaries of Interest

  • Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy “A Trip to the Grocery Store” – in which she discusses being treated differently than a white woman when paying with a check at a grocery store checkout (3:48)
  • 13th – Netflix original documentary (need Netflix access) (1:40:42) – discussing the 13th Amendment, and how it helped America grow, propped up by racist laws and incarceration-for-profit.

BIPOC Educators & Activists to Follow on Instagram

  • @catriceology
  • @rachel.cargle
  • @iamderay
  • @laylafsaad
  • @iamrachelricketts
  • @shaunking
  • Follow #DiscoverOurGlory and do the research Rachel Cargle suggests.
  • Follow the above people and watch who they re-post. Even their white accomplices get called out, and seeing how those people respond is a good way to understand appropriate reactions to receiving criticism around your own racist behavior. @glennondoyle stands out.

Please remember that you will be visiting black spaces while you are learning about these things. Listen and be respectful. Do not ask these people to explain racist concepts to you. You can find explanations on Google, for the most part. If you need to talk to someone about this work, do not burden your friends of color with questions. Donate when you can. Purchase the other works of these authors that are for sale. Attend a paid live or live-streamed workshop, if you’re able. A lot of time and effort was put into these mostly free resources. Support their makers.

Books, e-books, PDF reading

Coming Soon

Non-profits and advocacy organizations to Support

coming soon

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