Dutch Treat

Pookie Pots HQ is quiet and contemplative in honor of the New Year. No cakes shall be made on this day. Obviously, it is the right and proper time to indulge in some gaming, so the mister and I are going to get into some couch co-op action here, momentarily. At this time, I would … More>>

2015 Year in Review

I’ve paused in my end-of-year wrap-up for a few moments of contemplation. 2016 awaits, shiny and new, though there is still a huge backlog of items needing my attention that surely won’t get finished today. I’ve decided all my energy should be directed toward this Pookie Pots adventure, and I’ve been working really hard the … More>>

Common Misperceptions

This picture is from the time I won a Humans of New York PhotoShop contest, in what is quite possibly the post that will go down in HONY history as the most absurd thing Brandon ever published. And probably, guessing by the huge following he’s amassed since then, the last to deal so flippantly with … More>>

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